Saturday, December 29, 2012


That was my outfit for my ex-coursemate's wedding dinner at the Intercontinental Hotel, KL. A big thank you to Peak Mun for putting on my make-up that night, love it! I shall find a way to learn the art of making up one day ;p The red dress was from Un-Masqued, an online blogshop which I came across one day. I bought it at a bazaar at Jaya One at a discounted price, below RM50 and the quality isn't bad too! Thick and comfortable material.

As for this clutch bag, I got it from none other than Kulkith during their sales period. Very unique flowers print at the front and leather at the back. There's another butterfly design and you can check them out at their official website :)

Since I didn't have any appropriate necklaces to match with my dress (Can you believe that I've got no statement necklaces!), so I opted to wear this flower pearl collar tip from Autumn Ripple. Do you like it?

2 comments: said...

Lovely dress, dear! :D
Hope u had a merry xmas! xoxo

The Petite Blogger said...

Nice collar chain! ive got the same one from autumn ripple too!!!

xoxo jenna
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