Saturday, January 19, 2013

Food in Kuching: Must Eat!

Air Asia is having sales now so please go and book some cheap(er) tickets yo~

I'm so tempted to book tickets to Kuching just for the food. I went there last year and ever since I came back to PJ, I've been looking for Kuching food but none matched the authentic ones in Kuching. Jian was my tour guide during my trip and thanks to him, I got to enjoy almost all well-known local delicacies. So thank you!

These are my entries for my Kuching trip. I haven't blogged about the food after so many months, oops. So here you go.

#1 Kuching: Town + Chinese History Museum +Fort Margherita + Kek Lapis Dayang Salhah 
#2 Kuching: Bako National Park + Semengoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Center 
#3 Kuching: Jong's Crocodile Park
#4 Explore Sawarak: Sarawak Cultural Village (SCV)

I'll be posting up pictures according to the shop where the food can be found.

Song Kheng Hai
Lorong 15, off Jalan Padungan

Belacan noodles

Kong pia

Sugarcane coconut

Angdau (red bean) cendol, santan and milk cendol

The cendol here is different in its texture, very chewy, like pearls.

Hui Sing Hawker Stall
Lorong Taman Hui Seng 3,
Taman Hui Sing.

Tomato mee

Pork satay. The peanut gravy is to die for. Thick and smooth.

Kam pua mee



Chong Choon Cafe
Abell Road, 012 8571811

Sarawak laksa (big prawns)

Sarawak laksa (small prawns)

3 layered tea


Expert kopitiam
4th Mile, Jalan Penrissen

5 layered tea

Ah Kheng
Jubilee Ground

Jagong milo

Lychee milk


Jalan Padungan
Bukit Mata Kuching

Belacan midin

"O Chiean"
Sin Lian Shin 新联成
182, Jalan Green

 Kolok mee + Sundrop (local brand of orange juice)

Kolok mee (white)

Kolok mee (red)

Premier 101
Jalan Tun Jugah
Kueh chap

Cha kueh


meiyi said...

Thanks for sharing. I love your blog posts on kuching very much!!

meiyi said...

Thanks for sharing. I love your blog post on kuching very much