Sunday, February 03, 2013

#OOTD 12

Don't have many pictures for #ootd series because I didn't go out for the last 2 weekends. CNY is just around the corner, have you shopped yet? I haven't :( 

Dress: H&M | Rainbow earring: Deeper Than Fashion | Belt: F.O.S
Bracelet: D.lirious | Studded hairband: Fourskin | Loafers: SG

This wasn't the first time I took my pictures here (First time here for this look). Secret Garden at 1U is a good place to enjoy the beautiful flowers but try to go during evening when the weather is not so hot/sunny.

Do you find the flower studded belt unique? Because I do. Some of you might have seen it at Vincci but I bought mine at F.O.S at a much cheaper price. Excuse the obvious vein(s) you see on my hand, but please divert your focus on to the charm bracelet! There are 5 charms altogether; telescope, 3D globe, binoculars, aeroplane, heel. It's also my favourite bracelet whenever I go on a vacation. 

This pair of rainbow feathers were painted by the beautiful owner of DTF, Harmini. She sells many one-of-a-kind accessories at her page so do check it out. If you noticed, my neck kind of "sparkled" in the picture, thanks to the vanilla sparkle location by The Body Shop.